Greatest Generation

Living Their Finest Hour:
World War II -- 1941 - 1945

Stories of Men and Women who experienced the greatest event in the history of the world -- World War II...As seen through their eyes and told in their words.


The pages that follow in the category of "Heroes at Home" are dedicated to the men and women who fought the war -- at home. Many did their part for the war effort by doing what they could to contribute to the cause.

These were the common ordinary folks who put forth great efforts to help win the war. You have heard of these folks: Rossie the Riveter, the fellow down the street who collected scraps of metal for the war effort, the ladies, who donned overalls and hardhats to take the place of their husband, or sweetheart at the local factory. You have heard of the women who went off to war as nurses, and even pilots. This country had a shortage of trained pilots and these ladies came forward to ferry planes from the factory to staging areas for shipment overseas. These fine young ladies learned to fly and contributed their part to the war effort. And there were more -- much, much more.

This series of pages will be a sounding board, have you, for the generation referred to as "America's Greatest Generation". Their generation, collectively, experienced the most turbulent and terrifying era in the history of this great nation.In their own way they played their small part in doing their part in World War II -- helping to shape the world and stopping the tide of world domination by some of histories greatest tyrants.


Heroes At Home



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Memories of the Framby Internment Camp
in Falun Sweden, 1942-1944, by Jöran Granberg

image of NEWStory added on 15 December 2008.

"...During World War II Sweden was officially a neutral country. But because of its proximity to Germany, foreign air-crews crossed its borders frequently and crash landed in Sweden if they couldn't make it back to England. As a condition of neutrality Germany insisted that Sweden hold these airmen in camps..."


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Carol Zillacus
"My Story"

tory added on 15 October 2007.

"...We were required to wear identification tags and there were machine gun emplacements on the roofs of the apartment houses that lined the beach that went from Manhattan Beach to brighten beach all the way to Coney Island..."



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Account of a 12 Year Old Girl

From the Netherlands

Story added on 7 June 2006.

"...The soldiers came through our garden gate and could so reach the other gardens along the river. This river, called the "Maas" was the border of Netherland and Belgium; so they could shoot at that place to the Belgium fortifications..."



Richard Dern
"Errant Odyssey"

Story added on 15 October 2007.

"... At one point on a steep downhill grade during a snow storm the barrel chain broke loose while Richard was the brakeman. Letting loose of the brakes he grabbed it with his arms, holding onto his seat with his legs. Screaming for help with all his lung power, the snow storm kept anyone from hearing him. If the cannon shifted too far out over the side of the train it would send them all over the edge of the ocean cliff..."



Leny Verheggen
"Account of a 12 Year Old Girl in the Netherlands"

Story added on 19 June 2006.

"...The soldiers came through our garden gate and could so reach the other gardens along the river. This river, called the "Maas" was the border of Netherland and Belgium; so they could shoot at that place to the Belgium fortifications..."




Edouard Reniere
"A Young Boy and the 'Good War'"

Story added on 7 December 2004.

"...What she feared happened when some armed German soldiers stopped the tram not far from the city limits and had everybody get out amidst shouts and a lot of commotion. They lined everybody up on the sidewalk and forced us to lift our hands above our heads..."



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Rita Kinter Boehm Mater
Memories of the War Years
Nurses Aide, USO Dances

Story Added on 23 August 2004

"...they would all come over and mother would have all kind of refreshments and we had linoleum squares on wooden floors. They got worn out -- we had to have it replaced. The girls in our neighborhood would spread the word and all these girls and the guys would come over..."



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Manuel Lemes
December 7, 1941, Diary:

When the Lights Went Out
On Oahu -- And Stayed Out

Story Added on 2 August 2004

A year plus of the diary of an Hawaii civilian who witness the attack on Pear Harbor...and the devestating aftermath. A true personal interest story.


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Joe Reine
11 Year Old Student

Baker, Louisiana

Story Added on 2 August 2001

Poignant recollections of a young boy during the times from the bombing of Pearl Harbor until the end of the war. Growing up during some very turbulant times in southern Louisiana.




image of ollie m. fuselier

Ollie Manuel Fuselier
Talking to the Old Folks

and Those Handsome Young Men

Story Added on 16 July 2001

"...I secretly looked forward to Saturday at work, for along with my girlfriends, I would wait and watch for them to come in. The men would come in about the same time on Saturday morning, along with their guards to do shopping..."




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